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"The BEST STUFF for sensitive skin.  I have a sensitive skin and by using the Bulgarian Rose Water (Rose Hydrosol) for 2 weeks the redness on my cheeks on both sides has diminished.  Also, the Bulgarian Rose Water (Rose Hydrosol) softened the lines around my eyes.  Other Products in the past have usually irritated my skin (especially those with perfumes inside) and have made it itchy but with the Bulgarian Rose Water it feels very soothing and calming when I use it.  I love it and I would recommended it to my friends and family.  The spray bottle is very pretty as well.  Thank you!"

- Jean Medeiros (Tulsa, OK)


"The genuine Bulgarian Rose Water( Rose Hydrosol)is the best face product I've ever used.  It clears perfectly my skin and makes it radiant at the same time . I no longer have to wash my face with soap.  You guys have the best customer service ever.  Thanks."

- Anna Papikyan


"I use the Bulgarian Rose Water( Rose Hydrosol) as a Facial Toner and I love it!!!  Most of the toners I've used in the past have dried my skin and made my skin shrink but with the Bulgarian Rose Water (Rose Hydrosol) my skin feels natural. When I use the Bulgarian Rose Water (Rose Hydrosol) my skin can breathe and feels more elastic, smoother and moisturized.  Also, it healed the spots where my skin was damaged. The other thing which i like about this product is that it is completely natural and you can use it as many times as you want during the day.  I bought 10 bottles as presents for my relatives."

- Irina Sapers (Orange, CA)


"I have very sensitive skin and using the Bulgarian Rose Water (Rose Hydrosol) not only refreshes my skin but keeps it feeling fresh and soft without irritating it.  I also love the fragrance." ......


"I had a rush on my scalp;  I think it was an allergic reaction to something I ate.  I sprayed the Bulgarian Rose Water (Rose Hydrosol) on my scalp before i went to bed for two nights.  The rash was gone the 3rd day!"

- Robert Rodrigez, Vitamin & Nutritional Supplements Specialist (CA)


"The Bulgarian Rose Water (Rose Hydrosol) has been a consistent favorite mine as far as using it as a toner, refresher, and skin hydrator. It's effectiveness in balancing out the Ph level of my skin has been a great attribute (among many others) of the hydrosol spray.  As a retail associate of natural body care products, I suggest this product to many of my customers and they seem to like it as much as I do."

- Amy Lee, Body Care specialist, Mother's Market and Kitchen (Huntington Beach, CA)

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