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Health and Beauty Benefits

The authentic 100% pure & natural Bulgarian Rose Water (Rose Hydosol) with no additives, no chemicals, contains nutritious juices and pure rose oil from fresh organic Rosa Damascena petals. The nutritious juices in the authentic 100% pure & natural Bulgarian Rose Water (Rose Hydosol) have a vast range of therapeutic benefits because of the presence of numerous water-soluble active ingredients that are not present in the rose oil. 

When applied on your skin and face:
- Controls and balances the skin's natural oil production, pH balance and its natural moistening
- Improves the metabolism and maintains the elasticity of the skin
- Antibacterial properties helps fight acne and all skin conditions
- Natural anti-ageing and cell-rejuvenating agent
- Smoothes wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones
- Smoothes irritated skin
- Diminishes the redness caused by enlarged capillaries
- Divine scent that smoothes your senses and creates a calming atmosphere
- Powerful rejuvenating, refreshing, healing and uplifting natural cure
- Sets makeup 

When applied on your hair:
- Blocks natural humidity
- Lift roots
- Moisturizes replenisher
- Protects from UV
- Gives hair a healthy shiny look
- Enhances hair elasticity
- Promotes healthy scalp 

When taken internally:
- Promotes healthy digestive system
- Helps your body to detoxify
- Detoxifies the liver
- Balances your energy level
- Improves your mood
- Freshens your breath
- Creates a sense of well-being

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